Welcome to laarc

laarc is a tech mashup of Hacker News and Reddit by two long time fans of both forums.

The initial impetus behind the site is a desire to try to recapture the early spirit of Hacker News. HN currently has about 5 million visitors a month. It's different than it was back in the day when it was a much smaller group of people.

We're aiming for a cross between Pinboard and HN: a central place for all your bookmarks, with the ability to make private submissions. (pg mentioned that he used HN for all of YC's internal software in the early days; it's handy to have a place to keep all of your notes!)

The best part is how quickly we can ship features. Your ideas are welcome; we've set up a feature requests page for this. https://www.laarc.io/item?id=230