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Most people who self host wordpress aren't really aware of the bugs, so tend not to update. Wordpress' interface is really good at notifying people when an update is ready, but if people are uncertain about breaking their site, they're not going to update.


On the Mac, I mostly use:

* iTerm2

* Firefox

* LibreOffice

* Joplin

* Arduino IDE

* Eagle CAD

On my OpenBSD Desktop:

* Radare2

* Neovim

* urxvt

* Firefox

I particularly love Nextcloud as I use it to sync everything from my phone photos to my notes across all my devices, privately.


I've been cleaning a lot, and getting around after hurting my foot a bit.

I'm hoping to spend Sunday looking at holiday destinations and writing about walled gardens and web bloat for my blog.


If you want to play with WriteFreely without an install, I have an instance at Happy to saher an invite if it helps.


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