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Yeah it's ridiculous! GPG is badly designed in many ways. A culture of intimidation and slogans like "don't implement your own crypto" has painted us into a corner where there's no good working software for encryption. Another problem is that everybody has demanded ultimate security as priority above ease of use. Something like autocrypt could have been very easy to use and increased the cost of mass surveillance enormously but everyone has been so stubborn.


nice to meet you! I have enjoyed the content you submit.

I studied math properly a long time ago, and I'm recently starting to study at home by myself again. I also did a bunch of hacking and game making in the past, I'm interested in a lot of things. I got a lot of opinions about software and tried to build various lean minimal pieces of kit but I nothing seemed to gain much interest - it's difficult to find community despite the internet existing. Recently I've been playing a lot of difficult puzzle games like Molek-Syntez, Recursed, Stephen Sausage Roll and Hiding Space.


And nice to meet you! Thanks for the compliment.

What sort of "various lean minimal pieces of kit" do you work on?


2 points by rain1 56 days ago

Nothing much anymore but I created a simple scheme interpreter, shell, makefile replacement and a gopher client


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