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50,000 test participants showed that our ability to to process information quickly peaks at around age 18 or 19. Our short-term memory tops out around the age of 25 and levels off for about a decade before it starts to slowly decline. Likewise, our skill at recognizing faces (along with many visual short-term memory tasks) is greatest when we are in our early 30s.

Our ability to assess other people’s emotions, however, doesn’t reach its peak until we are in our 40s or 50s. Our overall knowledge, including vocabulary, and our big-picture comprehension, also don’t top out until we are around 50 years old on average. After that, they decline but just slightly before leveling off during our 60s (and eventually declining again in our mid-70s).


An article about this research: "A Collision with Another Planet May Have Seeded Earth with Ingredients for Life "


This thread aged well:


It will be interesting to see how bitcoin weathers the storm.

One clever advantage of a blockchain is that a 51% attack can't reallocate BTC. The worst it can do is perform double spends.

Does anyone know the latest research on attacks against the Bitcoin network? I haven't kept up, but several years ago it seemed like the consensus (ha) was that double spend attacks probably wouldn't cause BTC to collapse.


I remember a comment on HN that mentioned a possible link between quantum mechanics and our sense of smell. Does anyone happen to know it?

The evolution of smell is interesting. Would it be possible to measure whether different animals process scents in ways similar to humans?


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