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Read Cambridge Textbooks for Free Until May 2020 (
by nickpsecurity to education 215 days ago | discuss
The Grand Unified Theory of Rogue Waves (
by nickpsecurity to ocean science 257 days ago | discuss
What This Drawing Taught Me About 4D Spacetime (
by nickpsecurity to news physics 276 days ago | discuss
An Overview of Deterministic Database Systems (
2 points by nickpsecurity to databases concurrency distributed systems 318 days ago | discuss
Meet the Gamer Grandpas: Seniors Spending Retirement on Fortnite (
2 points by nickpsecurity to news gaming culture 428 days ago | discuss

The tool is here:

Trail of Bits uses this tool. They have a write-up on using it with their DeepState:


Grey-Box Concolic Testing on Binary Code (
2 points by nickpsecurity to testing security pdf 431 days ago | 1 comment

I thought this was interesting just because of how pervasive the author claims it is over there with deep effects on the participants. I've known a few people that didn't seem rich because they just dress normal. They knew who they were, though, far as I could tell.


The Real Problem at Yale is Not Free Speech (
3 points by nickpsecurity to news practices sociology economics 431 days ago | 1 comment

The neat part is that we might be able to quickly filter most of the bullshit studies immediately by just searching for statistical significance. :)



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