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Artificial general intelligence is here, and it's useless (
by nickpsecurity to ai 3 days ago | discuss
IT Runs on Java 8 (
by nickpsecurity to practices 15 days ago | discuss
Watch What I Do (1993) (
by nickpsecurity to ai programming book 19 days ago | discuss

I don't watch the show. I did find the business analysis interesting. There's obviously some big gaps in what they're saying. The model goes pretty far for a lot of medium to large businesses, though. Even some small ones if you look at owner -> manager -> supervisor(s) -> worker(s). Still a buffer in the middle to exercise control on or blame shift to.


The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to "The Office" (
by nickpsecurity to business practices psychology 21 days ago | 1 comment

Here was their justification:

Historically, in case yall are interested, Curl was the first attempt I saw at one language to unite various aspects of web development targeted toward front end people:


Flow - Language for Safe, Multi-Platform Apps w/ Modern UI (
by nickpsecurity to plt compilers programming portability 26 days ago | 1 comment

By author of LOCKSS whose been doing this long time:

That one also addressed endpoint security a bit by using OpenBSD.


Blockchain: What's Not to Like? (
by nickpsecurity to cryptocurrencies blockchain security history 26 days ago | 1 comment
21 compilers and 3 orders of magnitude in 60 minutes (
3 points by nickpsecurity to compilers pdf slides 35 days ago | discuss

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