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Meet the Gamer Grandpas: Seniors Spending Retirement on Fortnite (
2 points by nickpsecurity to news gaming culture 3 days ago | discuss

The tool is here:

Trail of Bits uses this tool. They have a write-up on using it with their DeepState:


Grey-Box Concolic Testing on Binary Code (
2 points by nickpsecurity to testing security pdf 6 days ago | 1 comment

I thought this was interesting just because of how pervasive the author claims it is over there with deep effects on the participants. I've known a few people that didn't seem rich because they just dress normal. They knew who they were, though, far as I could tell.


The Real Problem at Yale is Not Free Speech (
3 points by nickpsecurity to news practices sociology economics 6 days ago | 1 comment

The neat part is that we might be able to quickly filter most of the bullshit studies immediately by just searching for statistical significance. :)


The Flawed Reasoning Behind the Replication Crisis (
2 points by nickpsecurity to science math psychology 20 days ago | 1 comment
Helicopter Lineman (
by nickpsecurity to electrical business practices 34 days ago | discuss

Someone recently reminded me of this essay I did. I kept seeing articles on Schneier's blog and other places talking like conspiracy was a made up concept that required nutballs to believe. Yet, there are provably conspiracies everywhere. By the numbers, conspiring against each other is one of the most common and pervasive things people do. Being that pervasive, it should be a default possibility to investigate as a cause of anything.

The problem kicks in when people aren't checking sources, aren't looking for counterpoints, being selective about presentation, and so on. More a mis- and dis-information problem than conspiracy theory itself being bullshit.


On the Legitimacy of Conspiracy Theory (
2 points by nickpsecurity to psychology 42 days ago | 1 comment

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