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The main issue is actually data. I've hand labeled much of my training set for my website:

For a problem such as argument identification (which I think is totally possible), it would likely take a hundred thousand or more labeled pieces of data. Meaning it would likely cost thousands of dollars.

Now... if you have people who flag content provide a reason, you have the labels generated for you ;)


Good point. Good idea. Might even have people guiding the process with many folks in decent communities doing it over time. I imagine almost all decent ones, regardless of group norms, will be against a specific subset of behavior such as trolling, obvious words denoting hate, and specific patterns of heated, pointless argument. So, even a lowest, common denominator among many forums downvotes and flags might be useful. Then, forum-specific methods take over from there.


> How long have you been working with AI to get to this point?

I've been working on neural networks since 2014, so five years or so. However, at the time I was building them from scratch in OpenCL and CUDA. Now, it would take significantly less time to get up to speed.

I highly recommend Coursera's machine learning course.


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6 points by lettergram to news show 601 days ago | 5 comments

Auto fill for the tags when I'm creating. I recommend something like the select2 library:

Mix / match tags for the view, so something such as:|news|dev

Should give me all the stories tagged with any

Should give me all the stories tagged with all!programming

The bang should remove items with that tag from the search. So I may want all topics besides programming for what ever reason.


2 points by emily 601 days ago

+1 for | and & and !


Ok, you can combine tags using boolean operators:!dev&show|ask

(Your examples work as written, too.)


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