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good one!


The source code is far from breathtaking, but available upon request.


Yet another static blog generated via markdown (
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Typing with a piano (
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By coincidence I just happen to find out about this system and the 2016 Werner Herzog documentary Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World.

Herzog seems to have a fascination with individuals driven by peculiar and ambitious projects.


The Charismatic William Byrd: An exceptionally mindblowing talk on LISP (
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Ah thanks for the tips. Zim looks really nice in that it has a calendar and that you can change the name of the links, something that used to bug me. If only I had had the time to code in a plugin to put the notes onto a scrum board it'd be so good.

I get the feeling that microsoft's one note is somewhat inspired by Tomboy, it's not that bad actually. Even though it doesn't do links in that sense I feel it's the closest any other project have come. Apart from the open source solutions of course.


Disrupt: I spent a week in a VR headset, here's what happened (
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Underrated and wrongfully forgotten software: Tomboy (
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Ah first I thought it was as laarc is to HN, but then I realized that the content had a very different angle.


It's actually more like the business part of HN or IndieHackers presented with Lobsters-style (eg tagging) and focus on bootstrapping. Bootstrappers are new businesses that are built on their founders' cash. Usually savings or loans that they will owe back. They have to grow in a way that brings in money, not just users, with a focus on long-term sustainability. So, pushcx made a site that's dedicated to them.

He talked about VC vs bootstrapping here from a cultural perspective of Bay Area vs Chicago (his home):


Ah interesting sounds as something I should check up on more have to keep track on this one!



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