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States Rebalance Their Colorado River Use as Global Warming Dries the Region (
2 points by Doreen to environment climate globalwarming 577 days ago | discuss
Jane Goodall: How ending poverty and protecting the environment go hand in hand (
3 points by Doreen to environment 577 days ago | discuss

Realizing I need to figure out how to introduce myself. My lack of a succinct, information-rich nutshell intro is causing problems.

Not sure where to start brainstorming the solution to this issue.




Playing a game.



Brilliance without discipline is a dead end.

Brilliance without discipline is a common problem for Twice Exceptional kids who weren't raised well. Probably most of them weren't raised well. The term only dates to the 90s and most schools, experts, etc only know how to cope with either giftedness or a handicap, but not both together.

A BBM would be Twice Exceptional. Most of them will be saddled with terrible baggage from poor practices of the adults that surrounded them that makes it nigh impossible to find some effective means to "be disciplined" and accomplish stuff in the eyes of the world.

I'm Twice Exceptional. Most of my accomplishments don't fit on a resume and go largely unrecognized.

That doesn't mean I haven't actually accomplished anything. It means I have trouble getting credit for my accomplishments.

I also have some challenges turning my work into an adequate income stream. I see that as partly due to the lack of recognition.

The world has trouble measuring out-of-the-box accomplishments. They tend to require metrics that don't exist or are out of fashion, basically.

It's a little like saying "We only count work experience from corporate America." That only captures a tiny minority of workers. Most people would look unaccomplished by that metric.


2 points by davidk01 583 days ago

But it sounds like you are self aware enough to see where you stand. I think that's more than can be said for most.


2 points by Doreen 582 days ago

I'm 53. Age and experience have some value. Meanwhile, most of the world seems to think I'm a total fucking loser due to my "lack of accomplishments."

I'm trying to figure out how to write about 2xE issues so that other people with such issues have a better shot at making life work for them before they are, say, sixty.

Blaming individuals for society's shortcomings is not a great way to help people. In a developed world, we should have better answers for 2xE people than accusing them of being lazy, difficult and not trying hard enough for not readily fitting the standard mold.

We are all products of our environment. Kids who are different often grow up to be broken people because the system set out to break them. Then they spend the rest of their lives being blamed for that.


Bodies in space: The physics of pole vaulting [video] (
by Doreen to video sports physics 585 days ago | 1 comment
Elegy for a vent in a Hawaiian volcano: It blew for 35 years. It just ceased. (
2 points by Doreen to volcanoes hawaii elegy 589 days ago | discuss

That's not PC!

The truth often isn't. :)


The 26,000-Year Astronomical Monument Hidden in Plain Sight (
4 points by Doreen to hooverdam astronomy astronomicalclock 589 days ago | discuss
An American 'crypto-anarchist' fled the country. He was just killed in Mexico. (
3 points by Doreen to news 594 days ago | discuss
2018 Arctic Sea Ice Ties for Sixth Lowest Minimum Extent on NASA Record [video] (
by Doreen to video nasa climatechange seaice 598 days ago | discuss

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