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Alternatively you can install Linux on your old x86 chromebook: Not sure if the ROMs are still available, though it was never an easy project to begin with, and the result for me was kinda glitchy though not completely unusable.

Here’s another happy 4th(not American but similar sentiment):

Вербицький(Verbytsky) Ще не вмерла Україна(Ukraine has not perished)


huh, do all text posts go in /l/ask?

Clickable links in the post body! Nice!

Cool post
2 points by xojoc 326 days ago | parent | on: Laarc API

Thanks Shawn. For context this API is very similar to the Hacker News one: In fact it took minutes to add it to my own site (

@shawn: I just noticed that the API doesn't export the "tags" of a submission. For example the JSON for this submission missises the tags "meta,laarc,api,programming". Do you think it would be a lot of trouble to export them?


ah, i just checked out your profile and realised you have a PhD in apologies for misinterpreting your original comment :p

it would be! meanwhile, here's a bare sketch of the prerequisites needed to understand the theorem statement (the proof needs some more):

1. elementary algebra (functions, graphs, etc)

2.1. single variable calculus (limits, derivatives, integrals, series)

2.2. elementary number theory (modular arithmetic, euler's and fermat's theorem, etc)

3. abstract algebra (groups, rings, fields, and homomorphisms between them), abstract alg. also clarifies a bunch of elementary number theory.

4. the very basics of algebraic number theory (ideal class group, discriminant of number fields)

it may seem like a lot (especially to a school child who just learned arithmetic!) and in some sense it certainly is, but many of these concepts reinforce and build upon each other, so when you've understood them, it doesn't seem like much at all.


"Stockdale had no reason to think that the day’s mission was to be anything unique.

The flight in September 1965 was part of his third combat tour of North Vietnam, serving as Wing Commander of the aircraft carrier Oriskany. Despite his misgivings about the purpose of him being in Vietnam, he was a competent and skilled career fighter pilot. Nothing suggested he shouldn’t expect to make it back home that day - let alone that decade.

But sometimes life deals you a lousy hand, and it dealt Stockdale quite an unhappy one.

While trying to aid trapped American soldiers on the ground, he was suddenly falling out of the sky and hurtling towards a small Vietnamese village. His plane was on fire, the control system shot out by North Vietnamese who had used the grounded soldiers as bait, and he didn’t have much choice beyond punching out of the plane."


I generally like the technology and cs-related submissions, as well as the occasional mathematical or philosophical article. Not sure that I'm keen on the "fighting" articles that I'm seeing on the list. Those don't really match what I thought this site was for.

Ah you mean the terminal? I'm actually using WSL 2 which has windows interop capabilities such that I can call windows based executable from the vm.

Hey everyone! For anyone wondering what is this tool and why we need it.. I'd like to wind back couple of weeks ago when I was looking for battery monitoring/analyzing tool and was shocked to find that there existed no such tool on the market, so I decided to build one for myself!

Powir is a tool designed to help people evaluate their power and battery condition of their windows based systems. It achieves the goal by showcasing various metrics collected from the system and doing statistics to formulate an overall benchmark of your system.

Some of its features include:

- 100% portable app with no installations required: download and run! - Provides you with a simple and clean UI to list your battery and system information. - Shows you the trend in battery capacity as well estimate life since the OS was installed. - Ability to export all the data via various formats: PDF (app), JSON (processed), HTML (original report)

I've launched it on ProductHunt as well:

App is completely open source and available on Github at:


Yeah, I publish them on some small forum (and pCloud if site goes down).

Started with Windows freeware/updates, then Linux, videos, tutorials, then tech news and so on.

I am scavenging some big tech sites, small blogs, on top of that I am adding some finds outsite the net (magazines, tv shows, ...)

Basicaly, everything that is freely available.

11 years in the making, 200.000+ links (a lot of double entries and updates, so number of unique links is smaller than that).

It looks like everybody moved to HN and Lobsters ...


I colect/hoard useful links from the net.

Otherwise, I am kinda normal. :)

Hope the site wont go away.


Hi (I'm not sure if my initial attempt to comment submitted - so I'll post again. Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate). I'm a fiber optic technician who is also a hobbyist programmer. I have written some small applications to help myself and my colleagues do our jobs, although I have never been paid to develop software. I actually studied programming at a small technical college after I finished my masters degree in an unrelated field (Music, MANY years ago). I used to use Java, but have migrated to Clojure for my projects these days. I enjoy lurking here and on, although sometimes the articles are over my head. Not being a professional programmer, I'm not immersed in the technologies many of the submissions refer to, and a lot of the mathematical or physics related submissions are difficult for me to grok. I enjoy the attempt though, and hope that I learn something.

Feel free to debate my point of view, but I'd argue that staying would be essentially "re-founding" the company. Because senior engineering experience is gone and in it's place, a team composed of only people with <6 month experience with the codebase.

If I found a company, I'd like to be able to choose the product concept, choose who I work with, and start with a fresh cap table / debt load, etc.

Is this a product you believe in enough to (re)-"start" a company for? Are these the people you'd pick for starting a company? What's the financial situation?


That's neat. How did you actually make it?

What do folks think of my current strategy: never ever use the horrible euphemistic IP term, and instead use the terms "Intellectual Monopoly Laws" or "Intellectual Slavery Laws"?

I think Free Software needs to stand up for the truth. I think Intellectual Monopoly is a fine and accurate term, but I think anytime someone uses the IP term you need to counter with the Intellectual Slavery term, because IP laws don't have any logical connection to property but instead are a restriction on someone's freedoms--which is by definition slavery.

I think it's time to go on offense against the IS industry.


I also shared the link at HackerNews.

If anybody wants to jump into the discussions, please go to the below link. Thanks!


I've been looking for ML learning that's good for beginners, this looks great

Nice, clean implementation. Definitely going to read the documentation on the compiler passes later. Thanks for sharing :)

Been there, done that -

It helps you to find a project with the highest chances to be hired.

Analyzing your freelance profile and anticipating your probabilities to get a job.

How do you find a job right now?


That's great, thank you for sharing!

Every "major" blog post I write gets picked up on HN now. It's a blessing and a curse :)


* Ikea Galant sit/stand motorised desk (small one, but cheap secondhand on eBay so can't complain)

* Herman Miller Aeron Chair, left over from my last job. Okay, but I'll swap it for a Humanscale Freedom at some point

* Generic plastic angled footrest from Amazon

* Filco Majestouch 2, with a programmable micro controller board in it

* Magic Touchpad

* Griffin laptop stand

* MacBook Pro 13" on stand as left screen

* Dell U2518D as central screen

* Dell 2001FP (rotated to portrait) as right screen


I know I'll be an outlier here, but I'm going to say it anyway: Total BS!

Browser technology in general* is horrible and its design is atrocious. It's lack of capability and the bureaucracy the standards committee impose only serve to limit real creativity and drown anyone who tries a novel approach to anything.

It's absurd to make the statement "browsers provide what users need". That's entirely subjective and users can't know what's even possible when developers are prevented from providing better options.

Scrolljacking is the perfect example of this. People don't implement scrolljacking because the scrollbars do everything that's required of them they do it because browser tech sucks and the developer is then forced to make trade-offs.

We shouldn't be telling developers not to scrolljack (which only serves to stifle creativity) we should be telling browsers to smarten up and lessen the trade-offs developers are required to make.

* excluding the http protocol.

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