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The owner doesn't seem to be active.

Hey Listen to this(not that i expect a Response): All this crypto mumbo jumbo really distracts from other(very interesting) posts. Crypto is trash and a major turn-off. This really appears to just be spam at this point. Anybody home? And what about those disappearing comments? Just wondering if this place is a viable community?

Hey, wasnt there a comment here? Where did it go?

I probably shouldn't be clicking any of the recent links, but oh well. Btw, why arent jademckinley08's previous two post marked with green anymore? Im pretty sure they were marked green when he first posted, and he did post within 24 hours of account creation. What does the green username in a post signify? Why is henrydavies' post still green? Is this not to signal a 'newb post'?

Note to self: another suspicious site plagued by junk post newb accounts.

I wish worked better on mobile.


Alternatively you can install Linux on your old x86 chromebook: Not sure if the ROMs are still available, though it was never an easy project to begin with, and the result for me was kinda glitchy though not completely unusable.

Here’s another happy 4th(not American but similar sentiment):

Вербицький(Verbytsky) Ще не вмерла Україна(Ukraine has not perished)

They do. I've been meaning to let users edit the tags, though.

huh, do all text posts go in /l/ask?

Clickable links in the post body! Nice!

I was shocked how good this is. Then I noticed how great the rest of the site is too!




I used to build tools like this at my first job (gamedev circa 2008):

We built everything in C#. It made sense at the time; the browser javascript ecosystem barely functioned, and our desktop app was lightyears ahead of anything else.

Fast forward 15 years, and it's really interesting to see that we weren't even slightly on the right path. Unity and Unreal Engine would've steamrolled us (if the company hadn't folded). And now in 2022 it's so easy to build tools with javascript that I still wince at the years of esoteric C# knowledge I accumulated.

It's fascinating how much effect one decade can have.

Cheers to 2032 -- it's tantalizing to look around today and wonder "Which of these tech stacks will seem in 2032 the way C# seems in 2022?"

I can't wait to see how makers build tools in the 2030's. It's been feeling like the pace of tech has been slowing down, but it's always an illusion.

Cool post

/l/c++ works now.
2 points by shawn 267 days ago | parent | on: Laarc API

I haven't updated the API docs yet, but items now export tags. And since it's 5am, I'd rather leave a quick note here on how to get them.

Here's what looks like:

    "by" : "rain1",
    "descendants" : 0,
    "id" : 2545,
    "keys" : [ "nokill", "/l/electronics" ],
    "score" : 2,
    "text" : "",
    "time" : 1610283131,
    "title" : "Why three prongs?  Electrical ground, stray voltage",
    "type" : "story",
    "url" : ""
To get the tags, use this algorithm:

1. Check whether there's a "keys" entry. If not, return an empty list.

2. Remove all keys that don't begin with a forward slash, then return the list.

I'll explain in more detail why I chose this approach. But for now, just know that you get more information this way. (e.g. you can see whether a story is flagged by checking for the "flagged" key.)

2 points by shawn 267 days ago | parent | on: Laarc API

A surprising oversight on my part. Let me look into it when I’m not juggling a job and a puppy.

Since it’s the first feature request in a year, I’d feel bad not doing it. So let’s see if it happens.

2 points by xojoc 268 days ago | parent | on: Laarc API

Thanks Shawn. For context this API is very similar to the Hacker News one: In fact it took minutes to add it to my own site (

@shawn: I just noticed that the API doesn't export the "tags" of a submission. For example the JSON for this submission missises the tags "meta,laarc,api,programming". Do you think it would be a lot of trouble to export them?

Also wrote a post about it!

It looks sort of interesting, but is there a way to try it out without granting it sudo privs to my browser?

Up until this exact moment, I had no idea that a percentage was dimensionless. Ditto for angles.

The concept of "dimensionless quantity" just refused to compute.

But now whenever I measure a circle, there'll be a voice in the back of my head yelling "Uno!" whenever it reaches one radian.

It's a chart of a discussion on Twitter. I simply use two fingers on my trackpad and scroll back and forth, up and down, and explore the chart as it stands. If you can suggest an easier way to render it then I'd love to hear it.

This is hard to read on my computer

You might have more luck if there wasn't a $5 cover charge. I was interested in trying it out, and $5 is indeed cheap, so maybe I will. But it raises the activation energy considerably.

The other concerns are, will the data go away if your service shuts down? Can I add an adwords tracker? What if I need to inject custom HTML, or custom scripts; is it possible? Etc.

A few of those would be answered by a free trial.

Not a problem ... I'm involved with outreach, enrichment, and enhancement, so creating a DiGraph or concepts, although impossible, would be an excellent goal. I know groups that are making progress towards it for the UK school curriculum, but it's hard, and I'm not entirely sure that what they're doing will turn out to be useful in the way(s) I'd hope.

I couldn't help but notice that you've created a fork of Gwern's website. That's so cool! It seems to be an independent implementation too.

I wanted to invite you to come say hello in #lesswrong on freenode sometime, or to DM me on twitter:

What caught my attention about your site is that I know from experience how hard it is to create a fork of I noticed lots of little details in yours, like the fact that the anonymous feedback form is different, and that you exported your logo with potrace. (Killer logo by the way!) All of that took a lot of thought and effort, and it was a delightful surprise to see that someone else did it independently. It'd be neat to compare notes with you!

Thanks a lot for the thoughtful content, and the tree of concepts. I don't have nearly as much training in math, so it was quite helpful. :)

ah, i just checked out your profile and realised you have a PhD in apologies for misinterpreting your original comment :p

it would be! meanwhile, here's a bare sketch of the prerequisites needed to understand the theorem statement (the proof needs some more):

1. elementary algebra (functions, graphs, etc)

2.1. single variable calculus (limits, derivatives, integrals, series)

2.2. elementary number theory (modular arithmetic, euler's and fermat's theorem, etc)

3. abstract algebra (groups, rings, fields, and homomorphisms between them), abstract alg. also clarifies a bunch of elementary number theory.

4. the very basics of algebraic number theory (ideal class group, discriminant of number fields)

it may seem like a lot (especially to a school child who just learned arithmetic!) and in some sense it certainly is, but many of these concepts reinforce and build upon each other, so when you've understood them, it doesn't seem like much at all.

Neat stuff ... it would be interesting to see a minimal "Tree of Concepts" to get one from school arithmetic to an understanding of this.
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