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That was great! Brief commentary.

1. Technology. I still think there's gonna be some way to use quantum physics to do it. Something in the fabric of the universe we don't understand. They keep telling me the stuff is impossible to use for communication but I'm always skeptical of that kind of claim. My hunch is we'll figure something out even if it mixes classical and quantum. Or manned, Jupiter mission justifies Correct-by-Construction software cuz debugging and patches just take way too damned long.

2. The ant or otherwise animal argument come to mind. There's also the volatile species destroying its own members and habitat argument. Author goes right to it. All human activity might be a waste with how we're throwing our dependencies away. Aliens will see that, do some assessments, and invest in the species that are likely to make that pay off. If they care about others at all. Also, if they're not just collectors taking shit a la Mass Effect games. "How does it feel..." And Sylvester Stallone does use toilet paper, not the shells he was offered. Working out better for him after a few, choice words to acquire it despite regulations.

(Still watching the vid and guessing ahead. Caught up.)

3. Ok, I said this one. Did he really leave off two letters in NBC warfare asking if we'd discover more? Haha. Heck, the strong control of nukes with the huge number of biotech startups and government experiments shifted my worries from the N to the B rather quickly. The science blunder, with strange matter high on concern list, might be happening per this double-blind, peer-reviewed journal [1].

Yeah, the Great Filter is the where I'm thinking we go. I'm not sure there's a way around that. There was a solution attributed to Kissinger by a Swiss diplomat circling the nets. Probably just internet mythology. So, what do we do individually and as a group knowing almost all human effort is leading to the Great Filter? Decisions, decisions. Especially for utilitarians like me.


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