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This gave me PTSD flashbacks to template metaprogramming in C++.

Once I spent all night trying to extract boost's FOR_EACH macro from the boost library for use in a commercial game engine. ("Just use boost" wasn't acceptable for gmedev, for pretty solid reasons which I have since forgotten.)

I'm pretty sure there is a way to encode a Prolog interpreter with TypeScript's type system but it sounds like a daunting task so I haven't tried it

Do it! The world demands this. Prolog everything.

What are some other TypeScript tricks?

2 points by davidk01 493 days ago

Equality is probably the one I like most because it seems to be very useful (at least in the types of things I've dabbled with). I'll look into extracting some more from some libraries I wrote but not promising anything.


""Just use boost" wasn't acceptable for gmedev"

Probably efficiency and predictability which gamedev needs but boost might not guarantee. Don't know boost. I just remember those two things where why gamedevs rolled their own code for lots of stuff.


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