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Pentagon compiled research into invisibility cloaking, wormholes, and warp drive (
2 points by Doreen to news 598 days ago | 1 comment

re UFO's. I've seen two. One was, after interviewing pilots, a plane with unusual lighting at a weird angle. The other didn't matching anything I've ever seen or read about with shape and movement that were impossible. I kept interviewing pilots, what few I met. All of them claimed to have seen one, which all looked different, with behavior making them think same thing. They'd all say they screwed with the planes, too. Get close, far away, do nothing for a while, shoot off, do angles/rates with enough G's to kill, and so on. The only thing I can't eliminate is fact that many pilots have an insider culture plus a sense of humor that involves messing with people. It's actually possible those statements are a running joke among most of them on the rest of us. Leaning more in the other direction, though. I just have too little data to know what that means.

Now, far as wild programs government funded, I have two favorites with the evil one first. Blue Peacock, if it was real, just goes to show how much drugs people were doing at the time. Although they gripe about millennials, they aren't trying to plant friggin, nuclear, land mines in the ground while torturing and wasting perfectly good chickens.

The other one, which was implemented for a while, was remote viewers in programs like Operation Stargate. That got lots of internal attention. Even better, they made a hilarious, fictional movie that included quite a bit of real stuff from the program like the guy who tried to run through walls and the goat tests. Yall probably enjoy it. :)


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