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Lettergram just showed me which is a ridiculously impressive example of sentence classification in action. I urged him to show off some of it here.

Personally, I've wanted to know: How long have you been working with AI to get to this point? The site's a bit magic to me.

I spent some time studying a few fundamentals, like Mining of Massive Datasets, Introduction to Data Mining, and the classic "Consumer Credit Risk Models via Machine Learning"

(That "classic" comment was tongue in cheek. I have no idea what I'm doing in this space and mostly do a random walk through stuff that seems like it might be useful.)

Mining of Massive Datasets:

Intro to data mining:

That last one was from 2006, but people have said the new edition is good, so maybe it's still somewhat relevant.

Mostly was just curious if you knew where to start, and about how you started.

> How long have you been working with AI to get to this point?

I've been working on neural networks since 2014, so five years or so. However, at the time I was building them from scratch in OpenCL and CUDA. Now, it would take significantly less time to get up to speed.

I highly recommend Coursera's machine learning course.


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