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Performance budgets are set early in the life of the project

This is something we absolutely did not do at the beginning on my current team-- in fact, something that no team I've ever been on has done at a point in time before there was already tons and tons of code in production. Thinking about that now, I'm kind of floored.

There's kind of an interesting parallel here. Having the foresight it takes to set perf goals super early on, before you have a complete grasp on the extent of what you'll be measuring (i.e. on teams that do rapid, feature-based iteration cycles, it seems like early perf planning would occur at a point well before the application has been fully spec'd out), probably points to projects where everyone involved also has a good understanding of their market fit, and who's going to use it. It's hard not to keep coming back to how important that part is, how far it reaches, and how infrequently I've found myself in a conversation with someone who just gets it (who uses it? where? why? when?)

Anyway, I'm actually pitching a proposal for quarter 3's front-end focuses to my boss next week, and performance TLC is a major point in it. if anybody's got some advice for selling non-technical founders on that, please share.

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