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6 points by enow to show dev mixedreality on Jan 23, 2019 | 3 comments
Okay, so I'm on a quest to enable you to write text with a gamepad while sitting comfortably in your coach.

I've added some gamepad support to my earlier project. Stay tuned if you want to know more, as it's not published yet. There's a lot of unsexy configuration code in need of being written so I'm kinda behind on my schedule. Still you'll get a polished update in a matter of days hopefully.

The idea is to use a huffman tree for input. This gives in average 1.8 keypresses per character. It's important to note that with a gamepad you can get two bits of information with one nice sliding movement and also with timings there's an additional boost.

Needless to say to try to reinvent input methods is a long shot if there ever was one. Still I've decided on going all in on this project and am working full time on this!! So at least I am an believer.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated and anyone interested at this early stage would be able to influence the project a lot.

3 points by f5711 on Jan 24, 2019

I would be curious if static layout might be easier to use long term, due to learning. Or maybe having 3 directions static with 1 suggested, or maybe best 2 letter suggestions up and down that disappear on a diag input.

I would think that if they were all static it would be pretty quick to get the muscle memory going.


2 points by enow on Jan 24, 2019

thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I've been thinking quite a lot about the pros and cons between static and dynamic. This is one of the pillars of the development that I am doing as a matter of fact. On the one hand we have a static approach where we can lever neurologically lower level functions of the "wetware" with the low response times that gives us. On the other hand if we take a detour via the prefrontal cortex we can make use of more advanced prediction engines. I'll do a write up on this subject later, but I have still quite a lot of research to do before this!

What I'm thinking now and will publish in a up and coming version is to have a dual axis system with two trees one dynamic and one static. Perhaps the dynamic one will be focused on words or longer strings of text.

I did recently change the English map from one book to another however. As a result the letters in the tree changed. To my surprise this didn't affect my input speed a lot which kind of surprised me.

What I'm working on as we speak is more configurations options. I would like your help to find the optimal setup and as such I want to make a very versatile configuration engine. So that different options easily can be tested out and pitted against each other without having to touch the code itself.

Be sure to sign into bitchute and hit subscribe if you want updates!! I have a lot of fun ideas coming up so it'l be worth it.


You're idea is good though! I added it to my backlog and will get back to you as soon as it's implemented!


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