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RiderofGiraffe's Blog for Post-HN Content (
5 points by nickpsecurity to interesting riderofgiraffes 926 days ago | 3 comments

Discovered it in comments section of the Withdrawing from Hacker News article shawn submitted. Lot of people were griping that person quit due to their interesting articles. So, here they are. :)


4 points by Doreen 925 days ago

He didn't actually quit. He merely changed handles. It's basically an open secret on HN. His other handle is currently #6 on the leader board of HN:

My favorite thing by him is an hour long video created by the Math Encounters program. (The first seven minutes is a boring intro by like a former mayor of New York or something.) I've submitted it as a link:


Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out sometime.


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