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A Scientist Spilled 2 Drops Organic Mercury On Her Hand [video] (
2 points by shawn to videos interesting 545 days ago | 1 comment

I love this video for how it makes dangers of mercury poisoning real for people showing it instead of a lecture. It's also a good reminder of what I thought about mercury as a Christian: "that shit is from Satan!" Having one's mind deactivated piece by piece has to be one of worst fates for an intellectual individual and/or their family observing. I feel lots of sympathy for that woman and her husband. :(

It's so dangerous that industry mostly obsoleted it on purpose. It probably should be treated as a chemical weapon with anyone illegitimately selling it doing life in prison. I stay the heck away from anything with mercury if I can live without it.

On a lighter note, it turned up in Schneier's terror plot contest as a way to make TSA themselves a weapon that would need to be banned:


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