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I probably should've read the guidelines first. Just jumped in. I noticed the requirement from HN of adding pdf or video to the title. On Lobsters, we have tags for those which it auto-adds if link ends in pdf or (just guessing) is from known video site. It then put those tags first so they know at a glance.

I'm not sure what the best method is here. Just mentioning that for your consideration.

3 points by shawn 991 days ago

Actually, for now, go ahead and err on the side of submitting more things; you have good taste. I can fix up small details like the title.

You’re right about auto-fixes. If you hop into our Discord or email, I can fill you in on some upcoming plans. New people are showing up each day, and curiation like you mention will be crucial going forward.


Thank! One feature I can suggest up-front is good search. Two kinds:

1. Doing whatever gets you indexed by DuckDuckGo, Google, etc

2. Having a search feature on the site for keywords, filters by time/user/tag, and so on. Apart from discovery, this also lets me check to see if something was already submitted to avoid wasting folks' time.


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