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Henry Darger Documentary (
4 points by shawn to videos documentaries art 557 days ago | 2 comments

3 points by rain1 557 days ago

I've watched this before. It's quite fascinating. I wonder how someone can be dedicated and creative for years with practically no audience at all. Kind of similar to Van Gogh. I struggle a bit with doing my creative hobby work when I think about how nobody really cares about it but me, but other times I just get on with it.


What do you work on? Feel free to share, if you'd like. One of the best parts of the early days is that the audience here is small enough to get interesting feedback.

Down the Rabbit hole is excellent in general:

Some of my favorites:

The Mouse Utopia Experiments

Plague Doctors

The SCP Foundation

Some notable mentions are Vaporwave ( and Star Citizen (

I haven't seen The Collyer Brothers. It looks promising.


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