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Since wants to be partly like Pinboard, a place for us to store our bookmarks, I find myself wishing for a place where I could showcase my bookmarks. Two key features I'd like:

a) Allow me to control the order in which they show up. (There can also be a view that's chronological, maybe even with RSS. But when first-time visitors show up I want them to see the greatest hits.)

b) Allow me to organize my bookmarks using tags. You already have tags, give me a view for all posts added by me with some tag.

Some points of comparison:

1. HN favorites. See mine at But only one namespace, and strictly ordered by most recently added.

2. Google+'s Collections feature ( Here's one that I created: You can see how it shows up on my profile at Multiple namespaces but ordered by most recently added.

3. The old used to have global bookmarks for a tag at /tag/tag1, and user's tags at /user/user1/tag/tag1, with ways to easily jump around between the two. I always thought that was really nice.

To corroborate your position, your favorites already led me to rediscover some good stuff. Really liked that [blockchain article]( Re-bookmarked it on new system. :)


3 points by shawn 990 days ago

(Speaking of [foo]( syntax, I'm planning to add markdown support for that. Stay tuned!)


Oh yeah, that was a slip. I've clearly spent more time posting links on Lobsters than HN recently. Yeah, Markdown or a HTML subset would be nice. Embedding the links is an advantage Lobsters has over HN since it reduces clutter.


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