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Well it does run, but the "code" is, well... just me playing around with a lot of things when I feel like coding but not like being productive, the whole "game engine" thing was always more to experiment than anything "real", and the opposite of something I'd be proud to show off.

So, here you go:

For some reason the textures don't don't load in FF (works fine on localhost oh well), and it's much faster in Chrome anyway, so use Chrome. You need a good GPU for what it does because my code sucks bad ^^

This isn't in the state it was in, since I kept playing around with it, the map is just generated flat (that is, either walls or ground) atm, I'm pretty sure I had toggleable shadows in there and some other things, I probably commented and broke things -- but the scents work. Just glancing at the code I'm not up for digging into it at this moment, eurgh. I write so much better code now that I cannot even read this! Feel to try, but I'm not sure it will be more helpful than the description of the rough idea I gave. Viewer discretion advised, no liability, if you tell anyone I wrote this I'll deny it, etc. :D

God knows what the "controls" are... here are some:

    T     teleport
    M     move camera where mouse is (if the viewport was the whole map, that is)
    Q/W   zoom in/out
    WASD  move
    LMB   fire
    Keypad 2:     toggle displayed "scent channels" for player
    Keypad 3,4+6  do same for other factions (no clue what's up with 5, the scent drawing confuses me loads, FWIW press F1 to toggle showing the faction/channel #)
    3 and B       toggle line of sight to enemies/allies, and draw them thicker? man, I have no clue what any of this is supposed to be...
    TAB    crash the game
you can also use CTRL + mousewheel to change the resolution, that is the one thing I always liked a lot about this "engine" hehe.

This is awesome! has a bunch of interesting work too. I've been working on a "Show laarc" system; let me know if you'd like to showcase this.

Seeing cool hacks like this has been one of the best parts of laarc.


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