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Clean & simple color picker for web designers (
3 points by thisisseb to news 268 days ago | 1 comment

2 points by shawn 267 days ago

I was shocked how good this is. Then I noticed how great the rest of the site is too!




I used to build tools like this at my first job (gamedev circa 2008):

We built everything in C#. It made sense at the time; the browser javascript ecosystem barely functioned, and our desktop app was lightyears ahead of anything else.

Fast forward 15 years, and it's really interesting to see that we weren't even slightly on the right path. Unity and Unreal Engine would've steamrolled us (if the company hadn't folded). And now in 2022 it's so easy to build tools with javascript that I still wince at the years of esoteric C# knowledge I accumulated.

It's fascinating how much effect one decade can have.

Cheers to 2032 -- it's tantalizing to look around today and wonder "Which of these tech stacks will seem in 2032 the way C# seems in 2022?"

I can't wait to see how makers build tools in the 2030's. It's been feeling like the pace of tech has been slowing down, but it's always an illusion.


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