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Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Brain-Computer-Interface to measure biosignals (
3 points by ildaron_ron to news papers 218 days ago | discuss
This paper presents an inexpensive, high-precision, but at the same time, easy-to-maintain PIEEG board to convert a RaspberryPI to a Brain-computer interface. This shield allows measuring and processing eight real-time EEG(Electroencephalography) signals. We used the most popular programming languages-C, C++ and Python to read the signals, recorded by the device. The process of reading EEG signals was demonstrated as completely and clearly as possible. This device can be easily used for machine learning enthusiasts to create projects for controlling robots and mechanical limbs using the power of thought. We will post use cases on GitHub ( for controlling a robotic machine, unmanned aerial vehicle, and more just using the power of thought.

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