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Detect caterpillar, grasshopper, aphid and simulation program for neutralizing (
by ildaron_ron to news 83 days ago | discuss
The protection of crops from pests is relevant for any cultivated crop. But modern methods of pest control by pesticides carry many dangers for humans. Therefore, research into the development of safe and effective pest control methods is promising. This manuscript presents a new method of pest control. We used neural networks for pest detection and developed a powerful laser device (5 W) for their neutralization. In the manuscript methods of processing images with pests to extract the most useful feature are described in detail. Using the following pets as an example: aphids, grasshopper, cabbage caterpillar, we analyzed various neural network models and selected the optimal models and characteristics for each insect. In the paper the principle of operation of the developed laser device is described in detail. We created the program to search a pest in the video stream calculation of their coordinates and transmission data with coordinates to the device with the laser.

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