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Sam and Dave - Hold On, I'm Coming [music] (
2 points by JungleCat to music on Jan 1, 2019 | 1 comment

Am I understanding correctly that "a big old bottle of gin" is secret concert goer code for standing up and dancing? :D

> I was on stage and I looked out, and I knew they weren't ready. We were doing 'Piece of My Heart.' You know you can do a lot of different things: you know sometimes they get up spontaneously. Out in the Midwest they don't. They aren't supposed to stand up and they know it. It's hard to get 'em up. But I remember I was singing 'Piece of My Heart,' you know that 'Come on, well, come on' line -- well, you know the guitar solo that leads into that part? I came in early, and I walked all the way to the front of the stage and shouted [in a hoarse whisper], 'Come on, come on!' and just fucking stamping my foot, and saying, 'I'm not going to sing anymore unless you do something,' you know, and they're going, 'Whoo-ooo-ooo, yes ma'am! Yes ma'am, yes ma'am!' A riot. Groovy. All they want is a little kick in the ass. You know, sometimes I jump off the stage and grab somebody and say, 'Let's dance.' When they reach a certain level, you know, they want to be lifted, but they're scared. Then all you gotta do is give the old kick in the ass, a big fucking kick in the ass, man. Then the promoters get goony, turn the lights on, pull the power, but by then it's all over [crackles]. I dig it! I dig it so much, man!


> If you can get them once, man, get them standing up when they should be sitting down, sweaty when they should be decorous, smile when they should be applauding politely-and I think you sort of switch on their brain, man, so that makes them say: 'Wait a minute, maybe I can do anything.' Whoooooo! It's life. That's what rock and roll is for, turn that switch on, and man, it can all be.

-- Janis Joplin

edit, for good measure: MC5 - Sister Anne 5 6 7 8s - Bomb The Twist Million Dan - Mic Chek Skeewiff, all of it Herbie Mann - Bird Walk Los Suaves - No Puedo Dejar el Rock Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart Freddy Fresh - What It Is Robert Parker - Barefootin' Peggy Lee - It's A Good Day


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