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Machine vision for low-cost remote control of mosquitoes by power laser (
2 points by ildaron_ron to news papers ml mosquito literally-a-mosquito-cannon 221 days ago | 1 comment
In this paper, we present an innovative and effective method for remote monitoring of mosquitoes and their neutralization. We explain in detail how we leverage modern advances in neural networks to use a powerful laser to neutralize mosquitoes. The paper presented the experimental low-cost prototype for mosquito control, which uses a powerful laser to thermally neutralize the mosquitoes. The developed device is controlled by a single-board computer based on the neural network. The paper demonstrated experimental research for mosquito neutralization during which, to maximize approximation to natural conditions, simulation of various working conditions was conducted. The manuscript showed that a low-cost device can be used to kill mosquitoes with a powerful laser.

I see you got published on Feb 11. Congratulations! How long have you been working on this?

Non-paywalled version:

This submission is one of the most unique I've ever seen, let alone to laarc. I love the idea of an automated mosquito cannon.

The 50% accuracy is impressive too!


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