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Can We Please have more Unique-Looking Laptops? (
by TGm380 to news 284 days ago | 1 comment

Ug the acer ferrari, it was accidentally like a real ferrari:

Acer was probably the worst manufacturer at that time and needed to put a desktop CPU in. They didn't put any hardware/firmware throttle in so they would overheat and trigger the CPU thermal limit if you could not install an OS fast enough.

When our procurement office let us choose them as one of the few options, I assumed it meant someone in procurement was having a midlife crisis.

Why not just put stickers on a run-of-the-mill look laptop to personalize it? Having some different colors within the same model might be a slight improvement in cheerful looking meetings, but procurement generally can't be bothered with extra constraints like making sure the right computer goes to the right person.


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