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What do people want to see?
6 points by RiderOfGiraffes to ask meta on Sept 8, 2020 | 9 comments
I've been here a while, and submitted several things. But nothing I've submitted seems to have got much attention.

To be fair, there's not much traffic here at all, and I'm thinking about dropping this site from my list of places to visit. But that prompts the question:

What do people want to see?

There are many submissions, not many discussions, and not many upvotes. The last time I asked "Who is here?" I got a few answers, but not many.

So ... Is there anyone here? And if so, what would you like to read about? What would you like to see?

I generally like the technology and cs-related submissions, as well as the occasional mathematical or philosophical article. Not sure that I'm keen on the "fighting" articles that I'm seeing on the list. Those don't really match what I thought this site was for.


> ... Not sure that I'm keen on the "fighting" articles ...

I've flagged them, I think they don't belong here.


3 points by rain1 on Sept 15, 2020

One thing I would add is that I'm not keen on medium links.


3 points by posix on Sept 9, 2020

Tough to say, I kind of like what shows up here about half the time, which is a higher percentage than other sites but still an article every few weeks?

I'd say things that don't fit on lobsters due to site policy and are a bit more eclectic than hackernews.. I.e. no commercial potential computing.. maybe some other STEM topics?

I'm interested in peripheraly following what's going on with guix, *bsds, gopher,, etc, but not enough to seek out and evaluate summaries, blogs, etc. Similarly for topics like hobby languages and compilers, embedded, etc.


Do you find any of that here?


2 points by posix on Sept 14, 2020

Not really, I find enough compatible with those themes in things like cheapskate guide.

I took your question of what I would like to see to mean what nitches could laarc become known for given what the larger sites cover. If it sails along as is, I also don't see much point.


The question was intended as "what should I be looking to post", since very, very few of my posts seem to get any responses. But with your list of things you're interested in, it seemed clear that very little of it turns up here.

There's very little traffic, and I'm wondering what the few people here are interested in. The lack of traffic is ... troubling. I'm not finding much of interest, and I'm thinking about giving up, but unwilling to do so without giving it a "proper go".


2 points by posix on Sept 16, 2020

My perspective is that the volume is low enough that one reposter or even one blogger greatly influences the average direction of the site.

In that sense, I think someone going in a niche direction with posts could give a niche that interests them (and is not the main perspective of some larger site) a try on this site and have a slight headstart on bringing that niche to the larger sites..

The opposite direction for this site, would be if everything on HN were reposted here or with equal chance.. Then the site/community has no specific direction of its own, and why make comments here that could be made in the larger community with the same general focus?


2 points by rain1 on Sept 14, 2020

I like the stuff you post.


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