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A review of the "Locke and Key" Netflix Series (
by TGm380 to news 223 days ago | discuss
"Locke and Key" is an imaginative new Netflix coming-of-age, mystery series about the Locke family. It's based on a comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. It has scary elements that probably make it unsuitable for children under nine, but those same scary elements are part of what I believe will draw adults to it.

In the first episode, the newly-widowed Nina Locke moves to Keyhouse, the run-down ancestral home of her dead husband, with her three children, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode (pronounced like Bode plot, for you engineers who may be reading this). We learn that Nina was shot and her husband murdered by a man demanding that the husband tell him "everything he needs to know about Keyhouse". We learn that both the husband and his brother hate the house and want nothing to do with it. We also know that many people in the town surrounding Keyhouse are aware that it is some kind of supernatural place, and they appear to be afraid of it... For the rest of the review see:

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