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Learning to blog : A Twitter conversation charted (
3 points by RiderOfGiraffes to blog math programming visualization on Jan 30, 2020 | 3 comments

I have trouble following any Twitter (or other!) conversation that becomes at all popular. So I wrote a tool to produce charts of same to help me visualise the content.

First cut, much wrong with it, but I thought I'd share the product, and this particular discussion.

Please note ... I'm not a front-end person, the HTML/SVG code is crap, the code to produce it is crap, and the system is spit-n-baling-wire, user-hostile, and has just so many things that could be included.

But it works for me, and if it inspires someone else, have at it!


2 points by Volt on Jan 30, 2020

That's neat. How did you actually make it?


Got the content by scraping web-Twitter and parsing the content and links, then created a DOT file and let GraphViz do the heavy lifting.


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