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Carter Sande - Javascript Page Navigation (
2 points by rain1 to web design software.crisis on Aug 8, 2019 | 1 comment

In the previous iteration of my CMS, I tried something like that. Several sections of the site had a hash for their content, and when loading a new link, only the bits that were different would have to be loaded. It turned out that all these elements were different for most pages, and the gains were meaningless, if not negative. I built my own little pre-loading and caching layer in JS, and it even played nice with HTTP cache stuff I think, but even at the most optimal I could get it, it was pointless. So I got that out of my system like 10 years ago and never bothered with it again.

If there's several lists on a page that need to be independently browsed and filtered, fine, but if it's just one list, no. If it's just a blog, no, please!


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