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Manage Photography the UNIX Way (
2 points by vermaden to photography freebsd linux unix 534 days ago | 1 comment

2 points by JungleCat 514 days ago

I shoot RAW exclusively, the renaming to YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS is handled by Bibble, which at the press of a button it saves the selected images as 16bit (just because why not) TIFF into the output folder, then runs a script on them, which first resizes, sharpens and converts to PNG via ImageMagick, turns the .png into a well compressed JPEG via guetzli, and finally uses jpegtran to turn that into progressive JPEG.

I lose the EXIF stuff in the final image that way, which so far I shrugged off.. but now that I think of it, I think I'll see if I can simply make a second output job thingy, which saves images as JPEG with all metadata, run that first, and then change the script to transfer the EXIF data to the images generated by guetzli.


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