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Things doesn't know as of 2018 (
3 points by palish to lobsters ask on Dec 31, 2018 | 1 comment

3 points by emily on Dec 31, 2018

This small thread and the blog post that spurred it ( are now some of my favorites of the year.

Several of the things Dan Abramov mentions in his post are things I also am unfamiliar with as a web & app dev (low-level languages, algorithms beyond basic sorts, and containerized applications are the ones that stick out like sore thumbs), and the winning combination of-- of course-- imposter syndrome and just plain embarrassment over this sort of thing has done a pretty good job of keeping my mouth shut about it, which means I've probably passed up dozens of opportunities to learn cool things about these subjects and others.

In regards to the thread, I find it really interesting to see the combinations of subjects that appear together in a single response, e.g. no familiarity with 'managed languages' + 'compilers' + 'high level languages' + 'modern c++'. Would be interesting to hear about what this person does (as well as others); seems really niche.


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