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Avoiding the gravity well of webbiness in gopher (
3 points by enkiv2 to gopher on April 17, 2019 | 2 comments

This article is mirrored at gopher://


because you posted a gopher link I decided to read this in gopher, which is great because it encouraged me to improve my client by adding line wrapping.

The author wants inline links, I'm not sure why links inside a paragraph is something they want so much. They also say no inline images - I can understand that. The thing I want is to add to gopher is (basic) markdown support including inline images.

They also talk about adding TLS which I personally really don't like and don't think we should.. but I understand if I'm outvoted on this one. I totally agree with you on tor and advocate using .onion for gophers where you need confidentiality and authentication - even though it's technically a much bigger codebase to include compared to openssl it requires zero change to existing gopher clients or the protocol.

I don't think there is really much need for encryption for gophers. A lot of people want it though. Why do they want it? I'd prefer looking into alternative solutions like .onion or even some a shared/trusted network you connect through.

Another argument against TLS in gopher is: Can you implement TLS? If you can't implement it maybe it shouldn't be part of the spec. There are light weight cryptosystems that you can implement.

Thanks for this lovely post, I'm happy to see all this activity around gopher just now. I'm adding a link to it from my phlog.


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