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> does it really matter if those parts aren't readable if we know they're just tedious bullshit that readable code generated in a structure you understand reasons for?

Corollary to "all abstractions are leaky": No boilerplate is ever entirely bullshit.

Don't get me wrong, DSLs can be useful (provided somebody's watching the big picture to ensure there aren't multiple notations for the same niche). But I'm still operating at too low a level for them. I'm digging myself back out to the sun as fast as I can :)

> You seem mostly to be doing ASM here. I get why. Maybe consider allowing one, small layer of indirection with still clear mapping.

Like I said, I will definitely have a notation for structs. But the implementation of the notation for structs is not going to itself use the notation for structs. That kind of circular dependency is hell on global comprehension of the big picture. The local convenience of having offset names is far too small a benefit to outweigh the global issues.

I won't be doing ASM forever. But as I add layers of notation, each implementation will only be allowed to use earlier notations. Notations will have a strict dependency ordering.

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