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A Taxonomy of Concurrency Bugs in Datacenter Distributed Systems (
by nickpsecurity to distributed reliability pdf 411 days ago | 2 comments

I'll just toss a related submission that shows all the ways hardware fails slowly:


Abstract: "We present TaxDC, the largest and most comprehensive taxonomy of non-deterministic concurrency bugs in distributed systems. We study 104 distributed concurrency (DC) bugs from four widely-deployed cloud-scale datacenter distributed systems, Cassandra, Hadoop MapReduce, HBase and ZooKeeper. We study DC-bug characteristics along sev- eral axes of analysis such as the triggering timing condition and input preconditions, error and failure symptoms, and fix strategies, collectively stored as 2,083 classification labels in TaxDC database. We discuss how our study can open up many new research directions in combating DC bugs."


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