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A Lost Treasure of Xanadu (
2 points by enkiv2 to historical xanadu 940 days ago | 1 comment
As is traditional with Xanadu documents, terminology has shifted between this proposal & the eventual full system documentation (as of the open source release of Udanax Green in 1999).

Based on the descriptions given (from what I can tell by skimming the first couple pages), 'orgl' seems to be an early term for what the Green FeBe document calls 'POOMfilade' (for Permuation Of Order Matrix eNFILADE), & 'v-stream' appears to be an early term for what is now called 'concatext'.

Current Xanadu implementations (post-1992) do not have v-stream addresses.

The Green FeBe documentation is [here]( & my work on getting Green to build and run on modern linux is [here](

2 points by enow 940 days ago

By coincidence I just happen to find out about this system and the 2016 Werner Herzog documentary Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World.

Herzog seems to have a fascination with individuals driven by peculiar and ambitious projects.


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