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I used Tomboy for years until I moved to Zim. At some point someone started GNote, which is a C++ port/rewrite of Tomboy (for the very reason you mentioned). I think GNote killed Tomboy, as seen by the lack of activity on Tomboy-ng. This post from 2009 show's Tomboy's author's opinion on Gnote:

The idea of a post-it notes/wiki was genius, and the file synchronization was really good as well.

2 points by enow 949 days ago

Ah thanks for the tips. Zim looks really nice in that it has a calendar and that you can change the name of the links, something that used to bug me. If only I had had the time to code in a plugin to put the notes onto a scrum board it'd be so good.

I get the feeling that microsoft's one note is somewhat inspired by Tomboy, it's not that bad actually. Even though it doesn't do links in that sense I feel it's the closest any other project have come. Apart from the open source solutions of course.


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