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KeyNeat tool for us with acute mice allergy (
4 points by enow to software x11 linux on March 2, 2019 | discuss
So I get that the sentiment among hardcore coders is that it's no fun moving the hand away from the keys. I suppose this is not a extremely well known program but it might be helpful for some of you for those programs where you can't implement VIM bindings, vimperator, vimium etc.

It seems to be rather neatly programmed in a more or less straightforward unix fashion making it really versatile.

I do happen to be working on a development of this program with a tad more intelligent subdivision of the screen. My aim is to make the mouse programs be controllable by an ergonomic gamepad. If you want the existing version of this you could try out using e.g. qjoypad and keynav in tandem.

The config ought to be rather straightforward but feel free to give me a shoutout if you run into anything!!

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