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I didn't mention it at first because it's specific to making music, but for that it's great:

FreeFileSync for simple backups:

RSS reader: (yesterday I discovered which seems also pretty solid)

Oops, I didn't even realize Ambiloop doesn't even live at the page I linked, so here you go: I generally recall dontcrack as a very nice site that is worth browsing for audio related things, too.

Haven't used it in ages, but it always was great for ripping audio CD's: Maybe there's something better by now, I honestly have no idea. For the sake of audio preservation, chime in if you know something more accurate, or that works better with modern hardware or what have you :)

All Sysinternal tools are great for their purpose I think, but at least Process Explorer and Autoruns I can't do without:

As you can tell, I still use Windows a lot, but for Linux I like OpenSuse.

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