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Directory Opus. I'm not affiliated, but I'm such a fanboy, I just as well might be My favorite piece of software hands down, it just keeps getting better, since the early 90s on the Amiga.

SQLyog community edition


For photos I still use Bibble, which no longer exists (it's now Corel AfterShot Pro, no idea how good that is). But I love it, both on Windows and Linux. For example, you can set up hotkeys to run scripts on images, to I have one to output TIFF, resize, sharpen and save to .png with ImageMagick, then compress that to jpeg with guetzli. Perfect for me, I miss nothing.

UltraEdit for coding because has so many options, and SublimeText for coding and note taking (I love that you can just close it with open, unsaved files, and get them back, apart from that it starts instantly)

Instead of the Windows start menu I use for stuff I use often (unless it works on files, then it's a custom button in Directory Opus)

I used to go pretty overboard with but now I use Compact Tray Meter:

OggDropXPd and LameDropXPd to encode to mp3 and ogg:

I don't use it often anymore, but this thing is hilarious to make, say, silly skits: Set the length to 20 secs or something, start, say something silly, be quiet for 20 seconds, reply to what you just said, what 20 secs again, reply to the reply... the stupidity just writes itself! I bet it can also be used for good, but either way, I love this software, it sparks joy for me for sure. and because you never know when things just go away!

DCSS is a game I am always interested in checking out again after a while, I love how they constantly change things in their quest to get rid of tedium an favor of interesting decisions:

I'm sure there's many I forgot, I'll post an update when I have some more.

I didn't mention it at first because it's specific to making music, but for that it's great:

FreeFileSync for simple backups:

RSS reader: (yesterday I discovered which seems also pretty solid)

Oops, I didn't even realize Ambiloop doesn't even live at the page I linked, so here you go: I generally recall dontcrack as a very nice site that is worth browsing for audio related things, too.

Haven't used it in ages, but it always was great for ripping audio CD's: Maybe there's something better by now, I honestly have no idea. For the sake of audio preservation, chime in if you know something more accurate, or that works better with modern hardware or what have you :)

All Sysinternal tools are great for their purpose I think, but at least Process Explorer and Autoruns I can't do without:

As you can tell, I still use Windows a lot, but for Linux I like OpenSuse.


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