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Rahul Gopinath's Overview of His Work on Mutation Testing (
by nickpsecurity to compsci testing person on Feb 24, 2019 | 1 comment

Experimental submission of a researcher's page to see what people think of it. I ran into him on Lobsters where there's a lot of threads on mutation testing. Although I'm not sure about its usefulness, I did find this page interesting because it:

1. Described the work he did on it with empirical confirmation of his ideas. He found it wasn't really working as promised.

2. Tried to improve it learning new things about strengths and weaknesses. That he notes the weaknesses makes his research more believable given lots of folks in testing and verification overpromise.

3. Describes open and recent research in a way people can act on. The last part sounds like heuristics to me. They seem to show up in everything.

So, I really just like how he summarizes his research more than anything. It also has plenty of links for people to follow if they enjoy reading that sort of thing. I think this is a summary page done right where it has just the right amount of information for people just learning and folks doing follow-up research.


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