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Zim strikes me as trying to get at some of the same features/conveniences of things like Notion ( or Slite (, though both of those focus heavily on the team-collab audience. Like, it’s an editor because, well, it has to be, like Evernote also has to be an editor, but the main point is the organization, hierarchies, access to nice simple default layouts you don’t have to code yourself, and nifty widgets/utils that know how to work with all the other parts. (Correct me if I’m way off base though, because I’ve totally not tried it yet.)

Zim actually seems like it might be exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for lately, though; have been trying out various things like the ones above (Notion, etc) and... not sure why, but apparently I don’t want to use anything that slick more than once.

Notion is actually really awesome, they got everything right, except the pricing (in my opinion). Zim is far from perfect, but its extensibility, plain-text storage format and most importantly, Wiki features make it quite useful.

I would love, however, to have Zim with a better editor, one that would use typed blocks like Notion.


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