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Ask Laarc: What are you working on this weekend?
3 points by shawn to ask weekend 512 days ago | 9 comments

4 points by matt 510 days ago

I'm learning more about some of the burgeoning projects in the 'fediverse'. The Matrix protocol, Mastodon and WriteFreely. Considering how I can contribute :)


2 points by steve 510 days ago

If you want to play with WriteFreely without an install, I have an instance at Happy to saher an invite if it helps.


Hmm. Actually..

We had a feature request along these lines:

I haven't gotten around to it yet, but if you wanted to hop into Discord ( we could chat about some of the tradeoffs, if you were interested.

I'm hesitant to fragment the chat, but on the other hand it sounds like people want options.


4 points by tflop 511 days ago

Trying to learn GANs to see if it can be applied to enhancing the resolution of medical data... it probably has been done before but, oh well, not by me :)


4 points by davidk01 511 days ago

The usual stuff of reading a book and thinking up of things that could be modelled/formalized in Alloy.


3 points by Doreen 510 days ago

Realizing I need to figure out how to introduce myself. My lack of a succinct, information-rich nutshell intro is causing problems.

Not sure where to start brainstorming the solution to this issue.




Playing a game.



3 points by admg 511 days ago

I'm doing a little bit of learning swift.

We had a 'developer day' today at work which was nice as a bit of fatigue, early burn out is setting in. I got the chance to write an extremely simple block chain, I might end up taking that a little further.


2 points by rain1 510 days ago

Hi folks,

I am not working anything programming related this week


2 points by steve 510 days ago

I've been cleaning a lot, and getting around after hurting my foot a bit.

I'm hoping to spend Sunday looking at holiday destinations and writing about walled gardens and web bloat for my blog.


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