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It was pretty captivating for me since it painted an accurate picture. Mostly accurate. In fact, I originally watched Donnie Darko after a friend said I kept reminding him of that movie. Wouldn't be specific... Seeing that comparison again is mind-blowing. Lot to think about in here.

What you said is true, too. I think it's because we like the ideas, mental exploration, and doing enough of something to get the high of understanding. There could even be a power thing, common in young hackers, where we're satisfied with knowing we're at the point we can do something great. Then, we merely choose to move onto something new to further develop our knowledge and skills. It's elitism. One hacker said it might also be an aim to get power or control over others due to a lack of control in our own lives in the real world with its different skills and rules. I'll add it's possible that getting mastery over various topics and showing out might similarly be us compensating the same way.

The less, arrogant variant is that execution is mostly just work to us. For some things, it also takes a different set of skills that might be our weak areas. Following human nature, the combination leads us to do the fun or at least comfortable things we are strong in. In any case, I do plan to try to do more focused activities this year with some limits on my explorations and social media. Maybe also present refined versions of my ideas in appropriate venues with professionals and R&D folks.

Alternatively, I'll keep doing what I've been doing with different circumstances. We shall see.

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