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The Secret History of Women in Coding (
4 points by emily to history 786 days ago | 2 comments

Submitted the stuff below to supplement this:

They always talk about Ada even though it's debatable show much of a programmer she was. She was pretty awesome, though. I like using Margaret Hamilton since her team delivered code in the real-world on a major project that got results. They were so good that they were given responsibility for verifying some parts that weren't even their team's. Then, went onto found a business selling CASE tools that bullet-proofed systems.


So what's the solution should we make it illegal for companies not to hire women or what?

Perhaps a law so that 50% of the computers you are using are female?

There's absolutely nothing that stops women from working as programmers.

Isn't it sickening for women who creates things of value to be remembered and given credit for doing things, not for doing the act in itself but rather doing it as a woman.


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