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That's a good idea --

The site admins are in a private Slack chat. Will look into an IRC or Discord or similar. Will drop a post on the site if/when a public chat is live.

Not a bad policy:

Note that, as they say, "I don't have fucking brain damage; if you send us recommendations to pin posts with blatant ads for garbage affiliate sites, I will personally come to your house and stab you in the dick."

Do mention when your Discord/IRC goes live.


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And will let you know about Discord/IRC.


sounds great how many users are you at atm?


Just checked the users page a minute ago ( and we're at 83 total accounts (including a few spam/test accounts).


Not to bad how long have you been at it?


First post went live the start of December.


3 points by shawn 750 days ago

Ditto for laarc.


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