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Russia to disconnect from the internet as part of a planned test (
3 points by rain1 to internet web geopolitics 423 days ago | 1 comment

The U.S. has all kinds of infrastructure connected with no security or poor security. Then, Russia is testing disconnecting their stuff with self-reliant mechanisms. U.S. capitalism and political bribery has gotten us so far behind. Worst: tax dollars funded high-assurance guards and crypto that could be distributed freely... at least software with hardware at cost... to all American individuals and companies to protect what's important to them. That defeats SIGINT by American agencies against Americans, though, on top of profits of companies paying their dues to those in control. So, we can't have that stuff, it's locked into private ownership, and they charge five to six digits for it if you can buy it at all.

If America falls to such attacks, it will be one of the biggest examples of self-defeat in modern times. We had every chance to mitigate it at so many levels. Everyone wanted to incentivize and benefit from mass vulnerability. Social Darwinism at work maybe? I hope not...


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