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I finally released my video game [self-promotion] (
9 points by enkiv2 to news show games shamelessplugs gamedev 754 days ago | 5 comments

4 points by enkiv2 754 days ago

I wrote about what I was trying to do with this game here:


2 points by shawn 753 days ago

I'm only a little ways into the game, but this is just the thing I needed tonight. It's great. The story reminds me of Doki Doki Literature Club:

(Pewdiepie is legitimately good, but he catches a lot of hate. Mostly it's just a difference in style that people react negatively to.)

In another life I'd do a Let's Play video for this. Always wanted to be a youtuber. Mana for our Malices has that kind of vibe where it'd make for an interesting video.

And also, self-promotion is absolutely cool on laarc (with obvious exceptions for spam and such). People rarely make things. It was partly the whole point of the site for people to be able to show off their own work.

I could convert this submission into a Show if you want. It'd stick around in /l/show.

I wonder what Ai will do next..

What did you use to make the music?

edit: Me too:

edit: Heh. At my first job we had a coworker who wanted to learn the violin, so he started practicing early mornings. Kuroneko's face reminded me to stick with guitar.


2 points by enkiv2 752 days ago

> I could convert this submission into a Show if you want. It'd stick around in /l/show.


> What did you use to make the music?

The music is cherrypicked from stuff I've released over the years, so there's some variation in tooling. Earlier stuff was largely done in Audacity & is sample-based (though the samples have been mangled to full unrecognizability). Some tracks were produced by various music-generation experiments I worked on (and some of these produced MIDI). The chiptuney-sounding tracks were produced with my project Clisynth, which is a tracker-inspired system for unix that sits on top of sox & has various tools for partial procedural generation based on musical tools.


2 points by rain1 754 days ago

Well done!




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